Worldview Entertainment, Voltage Pictures, ANA Media's Comedy, Crime, Thriller directed by William Friedkin starring Matthew McConaughey "'Killer' Joe Cooper", Emile Hirsch "Chris Smith", Juno Temple "Dottie Smith", Thomas Haden Church "Ansel Smith", Gina Gershon "Sharla Smith". Writer: Tracy Letts. Producers: Nicolas Chartier, Scott Einbinder. Director of Photography: Caleb Deschanel. Production Designer: Franco-Giacomo Carbone. Editor: Darrin Navarro. Composer / Innovator: Tyler Bates. RELEASE DATE: 5 SEPTEMBER 2012 (USA) / 27 JULY 2012 (USA)
ABOUT THE CHARACTERS: Matthew McConaughey plays “Killer Joe” Cooper, a sheriff in the Dallas Police Department who doubles as a hired hit man. Joe is a calm, methodical killer whose charm and placid demeanor belies his explosive violence and oddball sexual proclivities. McConaughey reflects, "I tried not to make too many decisions for Joe, but instinctually fell into some spots that really inspired me early on. It's part of why this has been fun all the way. There was something new with Joe every single day at work and that's what I was hoping for. That's what I'd foreseen in reading the script." McConaughey believes Joe’s attraction to Dottie and the Smith family stems from the character’s lack of a family of his own. “He evidently lost his sense of family pretty early on in his life, so the only structure this guy gets is from his job,” McConaughey says. “He needs a family – it’s what he didn’t have.” When he sees Dottie for the first time, Killer Joe becomes infatuated with her and sees her as a possible salvation, not merely collateral in lieu of payment. A distinct connection forms and a perfect rhythm ensues between Dottie and Killer Joe. McConaughey describes them as, “being on two parallel universes that happen to intersect at the same time, allowing them to understand each other.” While Dottie’s family believes her to be “simple,” Juno Temple found her character’s complexity very intriguing. “Dottie has so many different layers, which are slowly exposed within each scene, especially her scenes with Killer Joe, as she is invoked in this weird sexual awakening,” explains Temple. “She has an overwhelming love for her brother, in that she doesn’t want to disappoint him, but ultimately realizes that he has nothing going for himself. She can’t stay with this dysfunctional family forever and she wants to go live her life.” McConaughey adds, “Her family has whored her out and bartered her to this man, who they don’t know, as a retainer to kill their mother. Underneath Joe thinks this to be quite despicable. For that he wants to help her escape, but he also realizes that he can save himself along the way. Not in a self-righteous way, but in this biblical, Old Testament, fire and brimstone type way by teaching Chris, Ansel, and Sharla, especially Sharla - some lessons.” Hirsch describes his character Chris as being a small-time drug dealer who just can’t catch a break. "He's a flawed guy, but he still has big dreams and aspirations. He's a bit of an entrepreneur and a likable loser at the same time. It seems everything Chris touches goes awry for everybody, himself included. Even the family dog only barks at him whenever he approaches the trailer,” he says. Given his murky morals, it's surprising that Chris proves to be such a sympathetic character, even after he willingly offers up his sister as a retainer for Joe's $25,000 murder fee. “He is without a moral compass and just very, very unlucky. I don't think he’s malicious at heart - apart from killing his mother, pimping out his sister and selling drugs to his father," producer Chartier jokes. Though the film may be called” Killer Joe,” it is seen from the eyes of Dottie. “She’s very childish, but then also incredibly wise beyond her years. She’s one of the most honest characters I’ve ever played in my entire life,” Temple explains. “Dottie is similar to that of a China doll, involved in a whirlwind of violence and madness. Joe is the first person who has ever looked at her as a woman, which is quite extraordinary for her. He actually involves her in conversation and makes her feel very special." Gina Gershon plays Sharla, the second wife of Ansel Smith and wicked stepmother to Chris and Dottie. She is deliciously self-absorbed - she drinks, says exactly what is on her mind, cheats on her husband and has a penchant for walking around naked. “Sharla just wants to get out, but can’t as she’s always got her hand into too many wicked things. She’s like a little bug trying to survive and just barely surviving at that,” Gina explains. “Like a femme fatale in the noir movies of the 30s and 40s, she manipulates everyone, until Killer Joe figures out her scheme.” Thomas Haden Church plays Chris and Dottie’s father Ansel. It is Ansel’s ex-wife -- and mother to his children -- who becomes the target for Killer Joe when Chris discovers she has a $50,000 life insurance policy that names Dottie as the beneficiary. "He's pretty straight-forward. He’s a guy who has given up on his dreams. Now he's just earning a paycheck and living day-to-day," Church reveals about his character. “Ansel might seem dumb, but he's probably the only character who actually knows what's good for him. The problem is, he just wants to live a simple life," Chartier adds. “I had worked with Thomas years ago on ‘Rolling Kansas,’ the first film he directed, and he was fantastic. He’s a lot of fun; a very, very nice man and a great actor. His comedic timing is impeccable.” Friedkin describes Church as a “tremendous actor.” “He understood this role better than I did, so I let him do his thing,” Friedkin says. “Church is from the part of the country where this film takes place, Dallas, Texas. That being said he, understood the character very well. He didn’t have to fake it, put on an accent, or a disguise. Similarly, with Gina Gershon, she understood Sharla and knew the dark side of her character. At first she didn’t want to go there, as there were times that were very difficult, not only for an actress, but for a human being. She recognized that this was brilliantly written and it was something she should do. I’m glad she did because Gina gave a brilliant performance.” Ultimately, Friedkin believes that these flawed characters might provide a tragic, social commentary of some kind. He understands that the film will provide some uncomfortable yet unflinching truths, but he views his characters with an open mind and hopes others will do the same. Friedkin proclaims, “It’s set in the contemporary world, and nothing shocks me in this world. That’s why I was able to approach this film. There’s some nasty stuff going on out there and ‘Killer Joe’ explores behaviors that are sometimes difficult to understand. So little of what happens to us in life is something that we have control of; all the characters in ‘Killer Joe’ are trying to get control of their lives, but they can’t.” Friedkin describes Joe as a dark “deus ex machina, a force of nature that comes in from the outside and affects the lives of all the other people who he touches. However, in this instance, they willingly brought him in; they opened the door to this character, as some people open the door to God within themselves… or to the devil.” FILMED ON LOCATION IN NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA This is a work of fiction. The characters and incidents portrayed and the names herein are fictitious, and any similarity to or identification with the name, character or history of any actual persons living or dead, product or entity is entirely coincidental and unintentional. Copyright © 2011 Killer Joe Nevada, LLC. All rights reserved. Killer Joe Nevada, LLC is the author of this motion picture for purposes of copyright and other laws. Ownership of this motion picture is protected by copyright and other applicable laws of the United States of America and other countries, and any unauthorized duplication, distribution and/or exhibition of this motion picture could result in criminal prosecution as well as civil liability. A Killer Joe Productions, LLC Production
KILLER JOE Worldview Entertainment, Voltage Pictures, ANA Media's Comedy, Crime, Thriller directed by William Friedkin starring Emile Hirsch.
Matthew McConaughey, as the title character, in William Friedkin’s KILLER JOE.
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